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7th Day of Christmas

The 7th Day of Christmas falls on December 31st and is the Feast of Pope Sylvester I or St. Sylvester’s Day.

7th Day of Christmas at McMullen House Bed & Breakfast

Picture of the 7th Day of Christmas (Seven Swans A-Swimming) 2019
 Seventh Day–Seven-Swans-A-Swimming

The 7th Day of Christmas is depicted in the Parlor of McMullen House with seven swans a-swimming.  The seven swans represent the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit or the Holy Sacrament.


History of Pope Sylvester I

Picture of Pope Sylvester I and Constantine
       Pope Sylvester I and Constantine

Pope Sylvester I became a pope in 314 AD upon the death of  Pope Mechaides and remained pope until his own death in 335 AD.  During this time he was noted for “the Council of Nicea, the Baptism of Constantine, and the triumph of the Church.”1  More about Pope Sylvester I can be found at the Catholic Encyclopedia.


1: Catholic News Agency aricle on Pope Sylvester I

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