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General Features of McMullen House and Policies

General Features of McMullen House Bed & Breakfast

  • Wi-Fi throughout the house
  • TV in Library for guest use
  • French-inspired breakfast in the morning
  • Private baths for each room
  • Butterfly/Pollinator Gardens surrounding the house

McMullen House Bed & Breakfast Policies

Note: All guests must be fully vaccinated before making a reservation.

  • McMullen House Bed & Breakfast LLC is a non-smoking property. No smoke-emitting activities are allowed anywhere on the property.
  • A few of $250 will be charged for any smoking detected in a room.

    No pets are allowed to be on the property of McMullen House Bed & Breakfast LLC.

    A normal amount of wear and tear is expected during your stay. However, any repairs beyond this such as those caused by spills, tears, or other damages will be charged to the guest at a minimum of $250.00.

    All reservations require a two night stay. Instead of taking credit card details, we ask that you pay upon arriving for your stay. We are a small business, but we also live as humans and plans can unexpectedly. If you have to cancel for any reason, please let us know in advance of your stay.

    Well-behaved children ages 8 and up are welcomed at McMullen House Bed & Breakfast.