Attractions in the Titusville Area

Drake Well Museum and Park:  This museum is located at the original well, where Col. Edwin Drake drilled the first oil well in 1859.  It is part of the Pennsylvania Trails of History.

Pithole:  This attraction to the east of Titusville is part of the Drake Well Museum.  Information is on the Drake Well website.

Oil Creek and Titusville Railroad:  Take a trip in a period train car through the “Valley that changed the world.”  This seasonal attraction takes you through the Oil Creek valley past the Drake Well and to Petroleum Center.

Oil Creek State Park:  This state park covers most of the valley where oil was drilled.  Historic tableaus are present that depict scenes from oil history.

Oil Creek Bike Trail:  The Oil Creek Bike Trail goes through Oil Creek State Park and is part of the Erie to Pittsburgh Trail.

Oil City Arts Council:  Art galleries located in Oil City (located in the Transit Building).

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