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Recreation in Titusville, Pennsylvania

Recreation opportunities in Titusville include biking, hiking, fishing, canoeing and kayaking, skiing, geocaching, and many more.

Bike Trails (Both trails are part of the larger Erie-to-Pittsburgh Trail)

Queen City Bike Trail: Bike trail to goes through the City of Titusville that connects with the Oil Creek Bike Trail.

Oil Creek Bike Trail:  Bike trail that goes through Oil Creek State Park.

Hiking Trails

Oil Creek State Park:  Numerous trails are located in Oil Creek State Park.

State Game Lands:  A number of State Game Lands are located in the Titusville area in which to go hiking.

Cross-Country Skiing

Oil Creek State Park:  In the winter, cross-country skiing is possible on the Oil Creek Trail and other trails in the park designated for such use.

Oil Creek Trail near Drake Well
Oil Creek Bike Trail near Drake Well