Restaurants located in Titusville

Orrs Brewing Company:  109 S. Franklin Street, Titusville, Pa-Craft Brewery

Sam’s Restaurant: Local food that is 1/2 block from McMullen House

Maria’s Italian Restaurant: Local Italian Fare–111 West Spring Street, Titusville, PA

Fox’s Pizza Den:  Pizza next to Sam’s Restaurant

Sheetz and GetGo:  Both open 24 hours and located on W Central Avenue

Chain Restaurants:  Pizza Hut, Subway, McDonald’s, Burger King, and Little Caesars

Restaurants in the area of Titusville

Timber Lake Lodge: Restaurant located about 3 miles south of Titusville on Route 8.

Cross Creek Resort: Restaurant, Hotel, Conference Center and Golf about 4 miles south of Titusville on Route 8.

Woods Dog House: Outdoor hot dog eatery west of Hydetown on Route 8 (about 6 miles from McMullen House)-Open Seasonally

Coal Oil Johnnys:  Oil region themed restaurant in Pleasantville, PA (about 6 miles southeast of Titusville).

Dutch Treat:  Amish restaurant in Spartansburg, PA on Route 87 (about 16 miles from McMullen House).