Guests at McMullen House Bed & Breakfast are treated to a French-inspired Breakfast each morning.  The breakfasts are described below.  


Coffee or Hot Tea

Enjoy a cup of Carte’ Noire coffee in the morning. Coffee is served before and during breakfast and is also available at other times during your stay.

Hot Tea such as Earl Grey, Yorkshire Gold, or Peppermint Herbal is also served.

Picture of Coffee served at McMullen House

Orange Juice

Orange Juice is served with breakfast. A mock-mimosa with Orange Juice and ginger-ale is available.

Picture of Orange Juice served at McMullen House

First Courses

Apple-Raisin Yogurt Parfait

Apple-Raisin Parfait made with fresh apple, pear, raisin, and granola mixed with vanilla yogurt. The yogurt comes topped with an orange slice or an apple-mint sprig in season.

Picture of Apple-raisin Yogurt Parfait

Strawberries Romanoff

Strawberries Romanoff served with whole strawberries covered with a cream of brown-sugar and cognac.

Picture of Strawberries Romanoff at McMullen House


French toast Casserole

Enjoy a French toast Casserole with Granny Smith Apples, French bread, and French toast topping. Accompanied by seasonal fruit.

Picture of French toast casserole

French-scrambled Eggs

Enjoy French-scrambled eggs with Gruyere’ cheese, Provence herbs, minced onion, and chives. Eggs are served with a croissant and seasonal fruit.

Picture of French Scrambled Eggs at McMullen House

Apple-Pear Cheddar Crepes

Enjoy three apple crepes filled with fresh apple, pear, and cheddar. Crepes are topped with maple cream and a fresh strawberry or other seasonal fruit.

Picture of Apple-Pear Cheddar Crepe

Apple Breakfast Pastry

Enjoy a breakfast pastry of egg and Gala apple or Crispin apple (in season) with a bread filling. Breakfast is accompanied by seasonal fruit.

Picture of Apple Puff Pastry served at McMullen House

French Waffles with Bananas, Pecans, and Maple Cream

Enjoy a sumptuous waffle topped with bananas, pecans, and maple cream. Waffles are accompanied by seasonal fruit.

Picture of Banana-Pecan Waffle at McMullen House