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Lake Erie Cottage Room at McMullen House

Lake Erie Cottage

The Lake Erie Cottage Room is themed for Lake Erie, which is located about 1 hour north of Titusville.  Many nautical accents and pictures of ships that have sailed on Lake Erie can be found in the room.  This room suited to those who are looking for a more private retreat.

  • Queen Bed
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Privacy
Tarbell Room from the door at McMullen House

Tarbell Room

The Tarbell Room is named  for Ida Tarbell who lived about a block away from McMullen House.  Ida published “The History of Standard Oil”, the biography of Abraham Lincoln, and other works.  Numerous items relating to Ida’s time in Paris and her career in writing can be found in the room.

  • Queen Bed
  • Largest Bathroom
  • Can be made into a suite with the Drake Room
Drake Room at McMullen House

Drake Room

Go back to 1859 and the time of Col. Edwin Drake, who drilled the world’s first commercially successful oil well.  The abundance of oil led to Titusville being called “The Valley that Changed the World.”  This room is themed for Drake and his time in Titusville.

  • Two Twin Beds
  • Ideal for friends or singles staying together
  • Can be made into a suite with the Tarbell Room