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6th Day of Christmas

The 6th Day of Christmas is the Feast of St. Egwin of Worcester and is held on December 30th.  St. Egwin was the Bishop of Worcester and founded Evesham Abbey in England.

6th Day of Christmas at McMullen House Bed & Breakfast

Picture of the 6th Day of Christmas (Six-Geese-A-Laying) 2019

          Sixth Day–Six-Geese-a-laying

The Sixth day of Christmas at McMullen House is displayed with six-geese-a-laying in the dining room.  The six geese represent the six days of creation.


History of St. Egwin of Worcester

St. Egwin was a Benedictine Monk who became Bishop of Worcester.  As Bishop he was a protector of orphans and widows.  He later founded Evesham Abbey.  The Franciscan Media website gives more of the history Franciscan Media Website.

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